AtDigitalyze is a 100% Black Female Owned concern, helping businesses leverage ICTs and the 4th Industrial Revolution to unlock untapped potential, compete in the Digital Age and maximise value.


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We offer consulting services across the ICT and 4IR spectrum ranging from Strategy right down to Processes and Procedures; inclusive of technology that enables business strategies successfully.

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We help companies leverage ICTs and 4IR to gradualy mature from just digitise information; but to digitalise and ultimately automate processes, funct…

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We develop, maintain and enhance enterprise and mobile applications to increase efficiency and effectiveness for maximum value and customer experienc…

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We source, provide, implement and support technology making sure they support business operations, offer required response times, agility and can sca…

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Our services will not be possible without digitising and studying data to guide each and every recommendation we make be it through our Advisory &…

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In the digital age, we are as good as the relationships we keep. So, AtDigitalyze we always seek and broker mutually beneficial relationships that he…

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This initiative is a vehicle we use to bring awareness, involve, equip and open opportunities for young people in the 4IR and Digitalisation Fields.&…

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This is a cloud-based mobile workforce solution that helps clients manage field workers via a mobile application. The solution increases productivity…

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This an electronic billing and invoicing system or solution that enables companies to send invoices, via email or SMS, to customers (almost) instantl…

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Education need not be confined to physical structures because we learn anywhere and all of the time. Use our platforms and apps to learn, interact, c…

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Are you an independent Consulting Doctor, do you own a Surgery, or run a Clinic, a Laboratory and / or a Hospital or similar? Through these digital s…

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A Point of Sale mobile solution for your restaurant from smartphone or tablet. This system will ease sales, increase your profit margins while helpin…

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Out all time favourite Digital Transformation Video !


Wibdsa-sap next-gen event picture

Was such an honour to speak at this event held at the Tshimolong Precinct to get women involved and actively  participate in Big Data & the …

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Tuksnovation-sap next-gen event picture

It was so inspiring to see young women interested in and starting their own businesses. Here at AtDigitalyze, we are committed to the development of …

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Atdigitalyze partners with ict on heels picture

So excited to partner with ICT on Heels and to have an opportunity to continually invest in the development of women in this sector. 

& even …

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AtDigitalyze is a Level 1 Contributor and 100% Female Owned concern, helping companies to strategically leverage ICTs and the 4th Industrial Revolution to unlock untapped potential, maximise value and compete successfully in the Digital Age. 

Through our Global Partners, we leverage over 100+ d…

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Ayanda Z Saki


Born in Mdantsane Township and raised in Mntlabathi Location near Berlin in the Eastern Cape. Ms. Ayanda Saki holds a BSc Computer Science from Fort …

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